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August 2015 Playlist

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I have listened to a ton of music over the span of my life. I would say my main genre would be rock but I’m pretty open to everything including, metal, pop, hip hop, folk, as well as foreign music. Here is my current playlist for the month. There isn’t any specific theme to it. I can listen to indie music one day and then teeny bopper music depending on my mood. If people like this, I can continue to compile them every month. A link to a YouTube playlist has also been included at the bottom.

  1. Cavaliers – Adam Richman Makes His Favourite Sandwich [Link]
  2. Annasaid – Waves [Link]
  3. Crayon Pop – FM [Link]
  4. Polyphia – Hourglass (feat. Nick Sampson of I Am Abomination) [Link]
  5. Donawhale – Echo [Link]
  6. Sympathetic Frequencies – Wasteland [Link]
  7. Acrylic – I Know [Link]
  8. Ten Sleep – Yellow Paper [Link]
  9. Creephyp – エロ (Ero) [Link]
  10. Dance Gavin Dance – Legend [Link]

August 2015 Playlist



One thought on “August 2015 Playlist

  1. Do you have any music recommendations or ideas on what kind of posts you’d like to see? Comment below!


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