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The Truth About Excuses

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Have you ever had those days where things do not work out the way you want? You pout and you groan and you start blaming things. It is not your fault. You did not do anything wrong. That is what you tell yourself. Excuses.

Many people do not like to admit they are wrong. It is understandable. It’s not the best feeling in the world but it is how you deal with your mistakes and problems where you begin to grow. No one is perfect and no one expects you to be.

One of the worst habits the majority of people do is create excuses for their problems. They blame other people or find a reason to mask their mistakes or unfavorable events. While they may convince others where the problem is, in their minds, they are not fooling anyone.

Let me tell you a story.

I am currently working full time and also taking night classes after work. The current course that I am taking is not the most organized class. The lectures are incredibly fast and class gets cancelled almost every other week. I assume no one in class really has any idea what is going on and the only resources are powerpoint slides available online.

Our class was divided into seven member groups to complete group assignments throughout the semester. Our grade is based on team effort as well as individual test scores from midterms and finals.

About two weeks before our final, I was speaking with one of my team members who is semi retired. He told me he is currently taking full time classes and complains about how difficult and disorganized this class is. He tells me he is getting A’s in his other classes but he cannot seem to grasp how unclear the class we are taking is. He is close to failing and he blames the class for not teaching him well.

He has many good points about the class but there is one thing I noticed as he is talking to me– he has only attended one of our group meetings and has not actively contributed to the case assignments. His grade essentially reflects his level effort in our group. He has had many chances to contribute but he chooses to suggest to me that he is going to complain to the school about this class. He says he cannot clearly seize the material and thinks that future students should not have to deal with this.

What this post is not about.

This is not a post to complain or be an ego boost but it really shows a lot about how some people will quickly find an easy way out. I am not trying to defend the class as I understand that it is one of the least organized classes I have taken in my life. I have taken the time to join the group meetings and do the assignments in our shared Google Docs folder. Everyone can see the history of who is working and who is not. All it takes is a little effort.

The Lesson I learned.

People make excuses for what they lack or bring others down to make them feel better. If you make excuses, who does it benefit? It makes you feel better at the moment but have you gone anywhere? Have you fixed the problem? Have you grown? You are at the same, exact situation you were in. Excuses won’t fix your problem.

Actions do.




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