Cow Parts Blog

Los Angeles and Things of Randomness


Hey my name is Gary, a marketing/entrepreneur/artist/jack-of-all trades. I’m doing this blog as a hobby to vent out ideas and thoughts. Might be interesting, it might not. I’ll let you decide!

This blog is currently more of a lifestyle blog and to document things that interest me. I’m always trying to improve anything I can so if you have some suggestions on what to do or things you don’t like, please let me know!

Just a little bit of background on the name “Cow Parts.” Many years ago, me and my friends played a game called Starcraft: Brood War. This is a famous game created by Blizzard Entertainment and was one of my childhood games. The game had customized private lobbies where friends could meet up. Our private lobby, which my friend named, was called “Cow Parts.” Since then we’ve utilized the name Cow Parts for many other things as well. Totally random but that’s the story behind it!

Most of the pictures I use in my posts are taken by me. In the cases I don’t, a citation to the source I took the pictures will be noted at the end of each post!



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